Wayfair Registry

Designing Wayfair's New Wedding Registry Experience


The objective of launching the Wayfair Wedding Registry was to improve CLV and also broaden the total addressable market by providing users with an experience that would rival their competitors who have been in the registry field for years.


The team had a strict deadline to launch a fully-functioning Wedding Registry experience within 9 months.

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • App (iOS, iPad, Android)

My Role

As the design lead, I worked directly with my team. We gathered research, worked on initial design concepts for the overall look and feel, collaborated with the Registry GM to pitch a partnership with a key registry brand (which was a success), assembled wireframes and user flows for features like Registry checklist, and much more.

The Team

My Team:

  • Design Lead: Me
  • Design: Saige, Christina, Anthony, Tom, Lisa
  • UX Copy: Shelby & Mairead

Cross-Functional Partners:

  • Product Management
  • Engineering
  • Site Merchandising
  • Category Management
  • Marketing


  • Registry GM
  • Sr. Management

Registry Experience for Couples & Guests

Registry IA


Coming into this project, the team had a blank slate. We started by doing research to understand who registry users were, what our competitors doing and how we could innovate on a registry experience.

I facilitated collaborative design sessions with Product, Engineering, and Marketing teams to ensure each team had a voice and that we were heading down a feasible path.

After several weeks of design and research, the team brought in users for in-person interviews. I helped conduct group interviews which gave new insight on the proposed UI and UX.

Communication was integral to the success of this project. We had daily, cross-functional standups to check in among all teams. Additionally, I led regular design reviews with my team.

Registry Mobile Homepage


  • Unmovable deadline
  • Lots of stakeholders
  • Balancing innovation and intuitive design
  • Designing one experience for registry couples and another for their guests
  • Integrating Registry into the existing Wayfair iOS app
  • Negotiating real estate for entry points with other stakeholders (e.g. inclusion in Wayfair header)
  • Appealing to new audiences for Wayfair:
    • Registry Couples: Millennials, male and female
    • Registry Guests: Everyone
    • Wayfair Users: 35 - 65, Midwestern, female


Registry launched as planned on August 15, 2016 and has seen a steady increase in active users. Within the first 5 months, 50,000 new registries were created. Of those, nearly half were from new Wayfair customers.

Registry Homepage

Registry Homepage

My Registry Manage Pg

My Registry