BoardGameGeek Redesign

A Passion Project


I took on redesigning the BoardGameGeek website to better meet the needs of today's gamers. The goal is to create a user-friendly design that's more focused, enticing, and intuitive.


For this project, I took on everything from IA to wireframing to final UI and coding with HTML5 & CSS3.

  • Desktop
  • Mobile


  • A lot of content to sift through
  • No access to actual data
  • 3-week timeline for all work to be completed

Current Design

BoardGameGeek Current Design


I began by looking at the current experience of the website and found:

  • Multiple paths to the same destination
  • Content overload
  • Lack of design consistency
  • Too much copy
  • Non-compliant design

After interviewing friends and doing research, I had a better understanding of user's needs — they wanted a forum where they can share/browse content which also has a way to get the games they want.

The new design presents a more traditional e-commerce experience, layered with user-generated content. This sets up some pretty intuitive navigation patterns and provides lots of opportunities to inject UGC. I edited down the navigation paths which open up as users start to dig into each section. This helps maintain focus and clean up a lot of the clutter from the original designs. The UI features rich imagery, cleaned up fonts and pops of color to distinguish the different sections of the site.

BoardGameGeek Navigation
BoardGameGeek Home Page
BoardGameGeek Browse
BoardGameGeek PDP
BoardGameGeek Trade Laninding Pg